Why Cancun is the Best Place to Visit

Planning your next vacation to Mexico? Learn what makes Cancun such a popular destination that travelers want to return to for years to come.

White sand beach in Cancun, Mexico

As you plan your next tropical getaway, you may have heard Cancun come up as a frequently visited destination for sand and surf. While Cancun is certainly world-renowned for its gorgeous beaches, there’s so much more to do in this city by the sea! Cancun Adventures is your premier provider for all things adventurous in Cancun, and we’d love to share what makes it such a popular destination that travelers want to return to for years to come.

Cancun #1 Destination in the World for Sun Seekers and #3 Most Popular Destination in the World

Man snorkeling next to starfish in Cancun, Mexico

As the world’s largest travel platform, TripAdvisor is a top resource for ratings and reviews from travelers, and its Traveler’s Choice Best of the Best rankings are awarded to those destinations that users feel are truly the cream of the crop. Cancun was rated as the #1 Destination for Sun Seekers, as well as the #3 Most Popular Destination in the World, and it’s easy to see why:

  • Cancun’s beaches are well-known for their white sand and pristine blue waters—perfect for sunbathing, surfing, and watersports
  • Fantastic nightlife with popular clubs like Hard Rock Café, The City, and Coco Bongo
  • Opportunities to take in Mexico’s rich history, with Mayan ruins just a short trip away

Playa Del Carmen #5 Destination in the World for Sun Seekers

Man and Woman sitting on swings at beach club in Playa Del Carmen

Moving to Cancun’s surrounding area, Playa Del Carmen is another popular vacation spot (it also made TripAdvisor’s Sun Seeker list!). Traditionally a fishing village, Playa Del Carmen has been updated to become one of the most fabulous destinations for anyone who loves beautiful scenery, wildlife, and Mayan history. Some reasons to visit include:

  • One of the top diving spots in the world!
  • The Jungle Palace sanctuary is a must-see for animal lovers
  • Ancient ruins of the Coba Mayan Village make for fascinating sightseeing

Tulum #4 Trending Destination in the World

Tulum ruins in Cancun

History buffs will love visiting Tulum, TripAdvisor’s #4 trending destination. Tulum is home to one of the last walled cities constructed by the Mayans, and as a result, its well-preserved ruins are a treat for anyone who enjoys history or archeology.

  • Take in the splendor of the ancient city on your own or with an expert guide
  • Cobá Ruins are nearby, where you can witness the 120 steps to a spectacular temple still standing high on the cliffs
  • Swim in Tulum’s magnificent cenotes, located in its extensive network of caves

Playa Norte (in Isla Mujeres) #19 Top Beaches in the World

Isla Mujeres beach in Cancun, Mexico

Just across the bay from Cancun is Isla Mujeres, home to Playa Norte—one of TripAdvisor’s top beaches in the world. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of resorts and city life, Playa Norte boasts immaculate beaches, clear blue waters, and a stunning view of the Caribbean.

  • Sunbathers and snorkelers rejoice, as this beautiful island is a prime spot for a day at the beach
  • Even more opportunities to immerse yourself in local history with temple ruins located on the south side of the island
  • Legends of pirates and buried treasure, along with historical artifacts, are sure to thrill children and adults alike
  • Swim with whale sharks, the gentle giants of the sea, during the summer months

Riviera Maya #1 Destination Outside of the US

Cancun Adventures yacht sailing in Riviera Maya

Named the #1 Destination Outside the US by Expedia, Riviera Maya is the place to be if you seek beautiful beaches, sparkling waters, and unforgettable historical sites. Opportunities for diving and snorkeling are endless, with spectacular views of the Puerto Morelos reef as a major highlight. Whether you want to lounge, dine, or take a trip into Mexico’s ancient past, Riviera Maya has it all.

Experience the Best of the Best with Cancun Adventures

When you visit Cancun, there’s no shortage of excursions, from the relaxing to the thrilling. The only question you need to answer is which to choose first! Cancun Adventures is proud to offer a large selection of activities to guests. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a family vacation, we have something for everyone to enjoy, and we’re happy to share just a few highlights from our offerings.

  • Explore the Mayan jungle, swim in an open-air cenote, and explore Puerto Morelos on our ATV Adventure.
  • Check out our Tulum, Cenote & Snorkeling Tour, where we will tour the ancient city before swimming inside a cenote, where grand underwater caverns will take your breath away.
  • Take Riviera Maya coastline on our luxurious catamaran when you choose our Luxury Sailing excursion —gourmet food and unlimited drinks provided!

If you’re curious about other fantastic Mexican destinations that made the list of top vacation spots, check out this blog.

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