Cancun has it all: from gorgeous beaches that draw tourists from all over the world, to vibrant marine habitats ready to be explored by nature lovers. Whether you want to relax on the sand with a drink in your hand or dive under the waves to view a kaleidoscope of brilliant tropical fish, you can do it here.

Cancun’s weather is tropical - and changeable! It’s said that the Cancun weather can’t be predicted reliably more than a week in advance, though knowing what to expect month to month can make your stay here more enjoyable. Cancun does get heavy rains during some parts of the year but rain in the forecast doesn’t necessarily mean your beach day is ruined. A brief heavy downpour may be followed by hours of gorgeous sunshine or rain may fall in some parts of Cancun while travelers are enjoying blue skies just a mile away.

In general, you’ll enjoy the best Cancun weather if your visit falls between December and March when the Norte keeps the daytime temperatures in check. But it should be noted that the nearly perfect weather also draws larger crowds and if you wait too long to plan your getaway, you may find yourself dealing with sweltering temperatures and competing with spring breakers for rooms and restaurant reservations.


The Average Temperature in Cancun

Cancun’s climate is semi-tropical, and that means the average temperature in Cancun is relatively hot. The humidity tends to be high for most of the year (often around 80%), though refreshing cool breezes frequently cut through it. While the yearly average is only 78F, it’s not unusual for temperatures to hit 95F in the summer. June is the hottest month in Cancun, and average temperatures hover around 82F during early summer. The coldest month is January, but cold is a relative term when you’re talking about highs that are in the mid 70s.

Love to swim? The water temperature in Cancun is always comfortably warm, ranging from about 80F in the wintertime to 83F over the summer. Some people consider July the best month to swim in Cancun!

Cancun Weather by Month

There are two seasons in Cancun: the wet season and the dry season. The former is slightly hotter while the latter is slightly less hot thanks to the trade winds that bring cooler temperatures to the coast. When you’re planning to visit, checking Cancun weather by month can help you plan your trip.

December-April: Most people consider this to be the ideal time of year to visit Cancun because the weather is relatively mild, the humidity is lowest and travelers enjoy the most sunshine. The biggest downside to visiting during the Cancun’s pleasant winter is the crowds since the climate draws so many visitors.

May-August: The humidity starts to spike in late spring and peaks during the wetter summer season. Temperatures regularly hit the low 90s, but for travelers who don’t mind the heat and humidity (along with short bursts of rain), there are plenty of hotel deals to be had.

September-November: Autumn vacationers need to be aware that Cancun does see storm activity in the early fall. In fact, when you look at Cancun weather by month you’ll see the wettest conditions and the highest chance of hurricanes in September and October. The temperatures usually top out in the high 80s.

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Cancun’s Rainy Season

The sun shines on average between 240 and 253 days per year in Cancun but there is still plenty of rain. The Cancun rainy season falls between May and October, with the threat of hurricanes highest in the fall. But before you nix the idea of visiting during the summer months, consider that Cancun’s regular tropical showers often begin around 4 or 5 p.m. and last just a few hours. That means chances are good that you’ll have great weather most of the day for outdoor tours or enjoying the beach.