When is the Best Time to Travel to Cancun According to the Experts?

When is the best time to visit Cancun? That depends on what you are looking for, say expert travelers. Find out when to visit based on Cancun weather averages.

A trip to Cancun will be a wonderful vacation no matter what time of year you visit. But what season is the best time to visit Cancun? Well, it depends on who you ask and what your tastes are. Some people prefer the winter or springtime crowds, while others look for deals during the hot summer.

No matter when you come, there’s plenty to do and see, and a lot to love about Cancun. We’ve investigated what the most experienced Cancun travelers like best about each season. You’ll love your trip at any time of year, but you can maximize your fun if you pick the right time to visit based on your preference when it comes to crowd size, weather averages, and recommended activities. Taking a look at expert advice, plus Cancun weather averages, can help you decide which time of year you should plan your vacation. The following guide, based on what others have said about their trips to Cancun, will help you choose which season to plan your Cancun vacation.a man and a woman sitting on a cancun beach under a pavilion

Winter: December to February

Winter months and early spring are top travel times in Cancun. Weather average temperatures are at their most pleasant, topping out in the low 80s, and many Americans are looking to escape the cold back home with a balmy vacation. Beach conditions are amazing, with calm blue skies, little rain, and a mild sun perfect for tanning without overheating. While the weather will be at its peak comfort, with beautiful sunny days and moderately warm temperatures, expert travelers know that rates for hotels and flights will be the highest. Plus, crowds will be at their heaviest, especially around Christmas and New Year’s.

During these months, repeat Cancun travelers report little humidity, balmy temperatures, and sunny skies. Plan to spend your days walking the beach, taking boat tours, and exploring ancient ruins and jungles without overheating. The ocean water temperatures will be cooler than in the summer months, but will still be perfect for swimming. This is also a great time of year to enjoy a sailing tour. Just know you will be among crowds and likely paying top dollar for lodging and food while you enjoy your beautiful Cancun vacation. The benefit is that the night scene will be great—just be sure to pack a light sweater or jacket for outdoors and sunset boating, say expert travelers—and that more restaurants, spas, and clubs will be open for tourists.

Winter Cancun Weather Averages

December Averages

High: 83 degrees

Low: 63 degrees

Average days of rainfall: 6

January Averages

High: 82 degrees

Low: 67 degrees

Average days of rainfall: 7

February Averages

High: 83 degrees

Low: 67 degrees

Average days of rainfall: 2

Spring: March to May

Springtime is a great time to visit Cancun. The Cancun weather averages are still mild with moderate temperatures and lower humidity, while offering smaller crowds and good prices on travel and lodging. May is a great time to spot some wildlife. The whale sharks have just arrived and the sea turtles are nesting. Bloggers note that this is the best time to plan a whale shark encounter tour. If you visit in the springtime, you may also enjoy taking an eco tour to explore the jungles and get a taste of the nearby natural beauty. Weather in Cancun in April is humid, but with little rain and overall mild temperatures, averaging in the 80s.whale shark swimming in ocean near cancun

The springtime is also great for families. With smaller crowds and nice weather, families will feel comfortable exploring Mayan ruins, inland jungle tours, caves, and beaches. Families will also enjoy warm waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling tours. March can still be a bit crowded, but April and May are great times for sightseeing and visiting the amazing ruins around Cancun. Keep in mind that spring crowds peak during Semana Santa, or Holy Week. This is the week leading up to Easter and is a popular time for families to vacation in Cancun.

Families should keep in mind that this season, especially March, is spring break season. While a school break is a good time for families with children to travel, there will be many college students in town for their spring break. Many of them will be partying on the beach and into the night, with parties all day and night, top international DJs, and bikini contests throughout the whole month of March. However, expert travelers report that if you want to avoid the kegs and bikini contests, it is fairly simple to stay away by avoiding hotels and clubs that cater to that crowd.

Spring Cancun Weather Averages

March Averages

High: 84 degrees

Low: 69 degrees

Average days of rainfall: 3

April Averages

High: 87 degrees

Low: 72 degrees

Average days of rainfall: 4

May Averages

High: 89 degrees

Low: 75 degrees

Average days of rainfall: 7

Summer: June to August

If you are looking to find a good deal on Cancun travel and avoid the crowds, summer is the best time to come. It is technically hurricane season in Cancun, and the temperatures run high and hot with frequent rain showers. But the benefit is that beaches, sightseeing attractions, and bars are less crowded. July tends to have some cloudy days, but overall expert Cancun travelers note that the sunny summer months are a great time to soak up the sunshine and cool down with a swim on a boating or snorkeling tour. With warm waters, summer is a great time to focus on swimming, say expert Cancun travelers. There is a higher chance of rain than other times of year, especially in August, so come prepared for the weather and pack a light rain jacket alongside your swimming suit. The rainy days offer cool relief from the hot sun and are great days to grab an umbrella and explore the city or take a tour of ancient ruins.

Summer is a great time for wildlife lovers, say travel bloggers: Whale shark tours through August also have great chances of spotting one of these beautiful animals, and sea turtles will be nesting through the summer, with babies heading to the sea starting in summer nights. If you love wildlife and nature, complete your summer trip with a sunset sail and eco jungle tour.five people in a boat visiting cancun in the summer months

Summer Cancun Weather Averages

June Averages

High: 89 degrees

Low: 77 degrees

Average days of rainfall: 9

July Averages

High: 90 degrees

Low: 76 degrees

Average days of rainfall: 8

August Averages

High: 91 degrees

Low: 75 degrees

Average days of rainfall: 11

Fall: September to November

Hurricane season in Cancun begins in June and ends at the end of November, with most hurricanes occurring between August and October. But luckily, the chances of your vacation being dampened by a hurricane are slim. Cancun has only seen two major hurricanes in the past 30 years: Hurricane Gilbert made landfall on September 15, 1988, and Wilma on October 21, 2005.

Weather in fall months can be hot and rainy, which combined with hurricane season lead to discounted airline tickets and hotel rates. September is the rainiest month of the year in Cancun. But even a rainy day can just mean a passing shower, or it may be rainy at the beach but dry and sunny inland. Beaches and attractions throughout the season will be mostly empty, so this is a great time to come if you are looking for a discount and don’t mind planning around a few rain showers. But also keep in mind that many restaurants and clubs close down during these slower months. Of course, if your goal is to avoid the crowds, this may be a benefit, say Cancun experts.

Weather in Cancun in November starts to mellow out. In fact, some bloggers mention that one of the best kept secrets about Cancun travel is that November is the best month to visit.  It isn’t as rainy as the other fall and summer months, the temperatures are balmy but not scorching, and yet the crowds haven’t quite returned yet for the winter travel season. The great weather in Cancun in November will make for an amazing vacation that isn’t overcrowded with tourists. The exception, however, is Thanksgiving week—many Americans plan Cancun trips for this holiday, causing crowds and prices to reach a peak. But plan around Thanksgiving, say Cancun expert travelers,  and you’ll find deals, thin crowds, and beautiful Cancun weather perfect for the beach, sailing tours, and snorkeling.

September Averages

High: 90 degrees

Low: 75 degrees

Average days of rainfall: 13

October Averages

High: 88 degrees

Low: 74 degrees

Average days of rainfall: 11

November Averages

High: 84 degrees

Low: 70 degrees

Average days of rainfall: 8

Whenever you plan your Cancun vacation, you are sure to have a great time exploring the region’s natural and historical beauties. Many people come to relax on the beach and in the resorts, but there is so much more to see and do in this exotic location. So either way, you won't want to forget your sunscreen no matter what time of year you will be feeling that Cancun sun on your skin! To get the most out of your trip, learn more about Cancun Adventures and book your tours today.

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