Tulum Half-Day Tour

On this half-day tour, you'll be guided through the most spectacular and well-preserved ruins along the Yucatan Coast. With our knowledgeable guides and small groups, you'll learn about the rich history of the Mayan Civilization and Tulum - and still have half of the day to relax by the pool.

Mayan City of Tulum

Discover Tulum, the Mayan's only oceanfront city and one of the last cities inhabited by the Mayans.  Used in its day as the main trade center for the region, Tulum was called Zama, meaning "city of dawn" by the Mayans.

Experience History

Close to the modern hotels along the Riviera Maya, the ancient ruins of Tulum give visitors a unique and convenient chance to get an up-close and hands-on introduction to one of the greatest cultures the world has ever known - the Mayan Civilization.

Riviera Maya's Best Guides

Our guides are well informed about the Mayan culture and the ruins of Tulum, but what sets them apart from other guides is their passion for their work.  As our enthusiastic guides lead you through Tulum, they will bring these spectacular ruins and ancient city to life.

Half-Day Trip

Because Tulum is located so close to the hotel areas along the coast, the drive to the ruins is short. With our half-day excursion, you get to take in all that Tulum has to offer and still have time to get back to your hotel to enjoy the rest of your day.