Tulum & Yalku Plus

Get ready to enjoy a day chock full of history, culture and adventure! Walk through the ruins of Tulum - one of the last cities inhabited by the the Mayan people. Explore two unique cenotes that are part of the world's oldest underground river systems. Jump into Yalku - a breathtaking lagoon teeming with aquatic life and ideal for snorkeling. These are three of the main attractions of the Riviera Maya and they are now together in one eco-diverse tour!

BridgeDiscover Tulum

Walk through the mysterious, ancient city of Tulum. Meet the most majestic and best-preserved ruins of the Mayan culture accompanied by expert guides who will explain all of the details of this ancient center for Mayan trade, built on a cliff overlooking the sea. Listen to the alluring tales of times past and picture the town when it was bustling with the Mayan people!

ArchwayWho were the Maya?

Immerse yourself in the Mayan history as our guide walks you through the ruins and shares interesting facts, stories and speculations about this interesting city. After the guided tour, take your time journeying through the archaeological site on your own, or jump into the ocean from the hidden beach behind the Mayan castle at the foot of these beautiful ruins.

AgaveFrom Salt Water to Fresh Water

At our next stop, jump into two exceptional cenotes (or natural sinkholes). Cenotes are found in only a few places in the world, and here in the Mayan Riviera, they form the longest chain of underground rivers in the world. Explore the impressive caves and ancient rock formations. Cenotes range in depth from 2 inches deep to areas where you will let your lifejacket float you along this refreshing groundwater cave system. A rare and fascinating learning experience. 

Church CeilingEntering the Mayan Underworld

The word "cenote" is derived from the Mayan word "tz'onot" which means, "sacred well." For the Maya cosmography, the cenotes were the gateway to Xibalba, the underworld full of caves and subterranean passageways - where life continued. We learn this from the legendary Mayan writing in the Popol Vuh (or "The Book of the People").


TulumVisit Yalku

Wade into the most beautiful estuary, where fresh water from the underground rivers combines with salt water from the sea to create a unique environment teeming with aquatic life above and below the halocline! You will see hundreds of variety of sea and freshwater fish. Beautiful, colorful and lively - you could spend the entire day at Yal-Ku and not see each and every type of fish! The shallow rock-reefs are the perfect area for snorkeling and are what make Yal-ku a hidden gem along the Caribbean coast. 


AgaveLunch on the Beach

Bask in the sun and let us treat you to a delectable, beachside lunch!