Why Visit Cancun During Hurricane Season?

The months from August to October can be rainier, but the humidity and crowds drop, offering a unique Cancun vacation.

When Is Hurricane Season In Cancun?

Hurricane season in Cancun spans June to November, with a higher likelihood of tropical storms being from August to October. Fortunately, hurricanes are rare. The area has seen only two in the past 30 years.

What Is the Weather Like During Hurricane Season?

hurricane season in Cancun

There is no need to avoid traveling to Cancun during the hurricane season, as the weather can still be quite welcoming. With the powerful weather hurricanes bring, it's natural to be wary about traveling to Central America in the midst of hurricane season.

But hurricane season in Cancun and Riviera Maya doesn't have to be something to schedule your vacation around.

The weather during hurricane season in Cancun can be pleasant and warm. Let's take a look at the details for each month during peak tropical storm season:


August is typically Cancun's hottest month of the year, though the average temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit is the same as the average June and July temperatures. The average high is 93 degrees, and the average low is 77 degrees.

The first two weeks of the month are the hottest time to visit. August marks the beginning of the rainy season in Cancun, which is a rainy day characterized by short but intense rain showers. The likelihood of rain is 21 percent, with an average of 11 hours of sunshine daily.


September marks the end of Cancun's summer and the beginning of the fall season. The temperatures are still high, with an average of 82 degrees, a high of 91, and a low of 82. The air at this time is fairly humid, making the low 80s feel much hotter at times.

September is the wettest month in Cancun, with an average of 11 inches of rainfall over about 10 days of the month. There's an average of 9 hours of sunshine daily.


In October, Cancun's hot summer begins to cool down and the humidity begins to drop. The month's average temperature is 81 degrees, with an average high of 88 degrees and a low of 75 degrees.

October is the second rainiest month, with an average of 7 inches over 11 days. The sun shines for an average of 8 hours daily. October can be a great time to escape the heat, humidity, and crowds in Cancun.

What Are the Crowds Like During Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season in Cancun is a great time to visit if you're looking to avoid crowds. Quiet beaches and fewer travelers on tours make for a relaxing, hassle-free vacation. Because school is back in session by

In August and September, you'll find more hotel staff and fewer families. Some people prefer the weather in winter and spring, but while the weather can be a bit wetter in the fall, it is less humid, and for some travelers, the thin crowds are worth the chance of rain.

How Safe Is Cancun During Hurricane Season?

For a hurricane to devastate Cancun and Riviera Maya, it would have to take a direct hit, which is rare and unlikely. The last two hurricanes to hit Cancun were Hurricane Gilbert on September 5, 1988, and Hurricane Wilma on October 21, 2005.

October is the peak month for hurricanes, so if you are nervous about the small risk, consider an August or November vacation.

The chances of a major hurricane ever hitting Cancun are small, but it is still a possibility to be aware of.

Why Visit Cancun During Hurricane Season?

Cancun during hurricane season


Cancun is definitely worth a visit, even during hurricane season. For one thing, the risk of a hurricane actually hitting is very low. For another, the weather is mild and less humid, though a bit rainier once you pass September.

The fall season brings the smallest crowds, which means less company on the beaches and on tours. You may also be able to find better rates on accommodations and airfare as well.

Peak Hurricane season in Cancun and Riviera Maya can sound scary, but for some travelers, such as those interested in budget travel and fewer crowds, autumn is a great option for planning your vacation to Cancun

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