Guide to Snorkeling in El Cielo sandbar

In this guide to El Cielo sandbar you’ll learn where it is, the types of marine life you can see, and the best way to explore it during your getaway to Cozumel, Mexico.

El Cielo sandbar is a beautiful, safe space for snorkeling in Cozumel. A popular attraction for tourists, you will love swimming in the warm, clear waters in this area, which actually translates to Heavens sandbar. Whether this is your first time dawning a snorkel mask or you are a seasoned diver, El Cielo will be a treat for the entire family during your next vacation to Cancun.

Where is El Cielo Reef?

You will find this sought-after snorkeling location at the southwestern tip of Cozumel Island near Cancun. You can only visit El Cielo by boat. We recommend booking our Cozumel Snorkeling Tour so you do not have to worry about renting your own personal watercraft to get there. Your tour will leave from Cozumel and the boat trip will take about 40 minutes from the pier.

El Cielo Reef Map

Marine Life of El Cielo Sandbar

El Cielo is known as a starfish sanctuary and seeing an abundance of these brightly colored little creatures is one of the many reasons tourists love to visit these crystal-clear waters. In addition to the beautiful starfish, you may also encounter turtles, including Hawksbill, Green, or Loggerheads. 

Stingrays also make their way around El Cielo as do a variety of other stunning tropical fish. From the fantastical Angel Fish through to the star of Finding Nemo – the radiantly blue Surgeonfish. Your Cancun Adventures tour guides will be able to tell you all about the marine animals you see and advise you on some really cool facts about these creatures.

Marine Life of El Cielo Reef

Snorkeling Tours of El Cielo

The best way to discover El Cielo is to take part in a guided tour. Not only does this make boat transportation as simple and manageable as possible, but it also ensures you have a first-class experience. Your tour will include air-conditioned transportation to and from Cozumel, picking you up from your hotel. Once you are on your El Cielo tour, you will hop on a high-speed boat from Cozumel and head out to explore the Cozumel National Park. This is part of the biggest barrier reef in all of Mesoamerica, so prepare to be stunned by the diversity of flora, fauna, and fish you will find!

Snorkeling Tours of El Cielo Reef

If you book a tour with Cancun Adventures, we will provide you with snorkel gear and a rash guard to protect you from the sun while you are floating in the sea. You can also look forward to a pleasant lunch and any non-alcoholic drinks you prefer. Spend an hour or so splashing around, exploring the sandy, shallow shores, and taking underwater photos alongside the spectacular marine life.

Plan Your Next Snorkeling Adventure

Discover heaven via your Cancun Adventures tour, as we take you to explore El Cielo – our little piece of Caribbean paradise. We look forward to treating you to this wonderful experience and the happy memories that come with it. Book your Cozumel Snorkeling tour today and have something extra special to look forward to when you join us for your tropical getaway!

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