The most Instagram-worthy places in Cozumel

Join us for an exciting tour to the place you most want to see – and photograph – for the picture-perfect vacation.

We love a perfectly cultivated photo feed as much as the next person, so we are proud to share with you the 10 most Instagram-worthy spots in Cozumel. Below, we will provide you with a sneak peek into some of the most photogenic places you can find in one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful places. Learn more about each of these unique places and explore them with your friends on your next trip to Cancun.

1. Sailing in Cozumel

Beautiful azure water? Check. Deliciously salty breeze blowing in your hair? Check. Awesome natural beauty and an array of beautiful sea life? Also check. Our Cozumel Luxury Sailing and Snorkeling Tour is a sea-lover's dream. Bring your underwater camera to snap photos of Mexico’s most exclusive sea wildlife spots and don’t forget your favorite bikini, so you can strike a post on our luxury sailing catamarans before you dive into the deep blue (and beautiful) sea! Forgot your camera? No worries, our excursion photographers are with us at all times to take your photo!

Sailing in Cozumel

2. Cozumel Snorkeling

Whether you want to take a more casual approach to snorkeling via our luxury tour listed above or you’re all about the high-speed boats and dives, our professional tour guides will help you become familiar with all our friends with fins in the region. During our Cozumel Snorkeling Tour, your professional snorkel guide will take you to the best reef for beginner snorkelers as well as to explore the Cozumel Reef Natural Park where you will be completely overwhelmed by the colors and varieties of wildlife there.

Cozumel Snorkeling
Source: @welove on Instagram

3. Sunset Sailing

One of the most spectacular things that separates Cozumel from many other Mexican destinations is that the island faces west. This means, when you take off on a sailing trip at sunset, you are sure to see the sky light up with an incredible array of oranges, pinks, golds and more. Talk about a golden hour, this romantic cruise will provide the perfect backdrop for your most liked photos. 

Sunset Sailing

4. Changarrito Cozu

Say cheers at one of the trendiest spots in Cozumel. This colorful beach bar is renowned for its delicious drinks and great vibes. Many visitors hop right up on the turquoise bar to snap a photo, while enjoying a seaside margarita at this more-than-meets-the-eye beach shack.

Changarrito Cozu
Source: @jenkvieira on Instagram

5. Flechas Cozumel Punta Sur

If you get lost while visiting the Punta Sur Eco Park – or just want to stop for the ultimate photo opp – Flechas Cozu will point you in the right direction. This big, bold and colorful landmark shows the distance to places all over the world. But, most importantly, it reminds you that you are exactly where you need to be: on the beautiful, photogenic shores of Cozumel.

Flechas Cozumel Punta Sur
Source: @jenkvieira on Instagram

6. Faro Celarain

Visit the southernmost point in Cozumel to find the Celarain Lighthouse within Parque Punta Sur. Make your way through the marshes and sand dunes towards the guiding light of this tall, picturesque tower, which has been transformed into a lighthouse museum. A fun, quirky place to take photos, this is also a great spot to see a wide variety of wildlife, including countless species of birds.

Faro Celarain
Source: @mycozumel on Instagram

7. Silla Punta Morena

If you don’t consider a bright pink bench that reads “Cozumel” in a number of colours on its frame the perfect place to snap a photo, we simply don’t know what to say. Instagram influencers, from around the world, have visited Silla Punta Morena to take pictures atop this idyllic landmark before or after dipping into the sea, just feet from this aesthetically elevated and just totally awesome spot.

Silla Punta Morena
Source: @mycozumel on Instagram

8. Coral Reefs Monument

As you can probably tell, we are pretty enthusiastic about the sand and sea in Cozumel. Not only is our Cancun Adventures family extremely passionate about the natural wonders our region boasts, but so too are the locals. In 1997, a talented sculptor, Oscar Ponzanelli, created a phenomenal ode to our shoes via the Monumento Al Buzo (Coral Reefs Monument), which is a giant stone creation, representing many aspects of our sea wildlife and landscapes.

Coral Reefs Monument
Source: @mycozumel on Instagram

9. Isla Pasión

What we find so neat about the Instagram-worthy places listed in this blog is that many of them combine the natural wonders of Cozumel with eye-catching add-ons that elevate them to the ideal places for Instagram’s most active influencers. Isla Pasión is celebrated as one of Cozumel’s most spectacular secluded beaches. The waters are a phenomenal blue and, best of all, for our scroll-stoppers, there’s a larger-than-life welcome sign where you can strike a pose.

Isla Pasión
Source: @mycozumel on Instagram

10. Murales

We love a walking tour of Cozumel. Regardless of where your feet take you, your heart is sure to follow. The people who live, work and visit here are really passionate about creativity. This love of color, culture and art is reflected along the city’s walls through giant murals. Your Instagram feed will pop with more shapes, colors and scenery than you can ever imagine when you take the time to stop and check out Cozumel’s local art scene, readily available around every corner.

Source: @travelers.odyssey on Instagram

We hope these Instagram-worthy spots inspire you to explore the wonder of Cozumel for yourself

Best of all, if you’ve fallen in love with any or all of these special places, you don’t have to visit them by yourself. Instead you can take part in our Private Cozumel Jeep Tour. Our tour guides are knowledgeable, our tours are safe and, of course, we never complain about taking a photo – or ten – for you to add to the Gram. See you, and your best angles, soon!

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