Guide to Yal Kú Lagoon

This awe-inspiring wonder is one of Akumal’s best kept secrets & you can explore it on our Cancun Cenotes tour.

Guide to Yal Kú Lagoon

Welcome to Yal Kú Lagoon – a truly awe-inspiring natural wonder that is one of Akumal’s best kept secrets. At Cancun Adventures, we love introducing our guests to so many different parts of Mexico. From the area’s most popular tourist attractions through to the little hideaway places that, despite their intrigue, have remained virtually untouched by the effects of heavy tourism traffic. Yal Kú Lagoon is definitely a perfect example of the latter. It’s an incredibly beautiful and peaceful place that is revered by the locals but relatively unknown to visitors.

What makes Yal Kú Lagoon so special?

Yal Kú Lagoon is an inland lagoon that connects to the Caribbean Sea. One of the reasons this lagoon is so intriguing is that, even though it branches out towards the salty Caribbean shores, it actually contains a fair amount of fresh water from surrounding cenotes. The result is a calm waterway that mixes both fresh and saltwater, which is referred to as brackish water, creating a safe home for many fish species that otherwise may not have had the chance to come to fruition in the deep blue sea. Slightly cooler than the sea but warmer than the well-shaded cenotes, enjoy a lovely water temperature you can bask in all afternoon.

Another interesting thing to note about the natural properties of Yal Kú Lagoon is its level of visibility is different from other bodies of water. It lies between the clarity of the cenotes and the slight haze found in the ocean. Nowhere else will you have this experience that is created naturally by the diverse ecosystem that defines this place.

Yal Kú Lagoon is an inland lagoon that connects to the Caribbean Sea

Who will enjoy visiting Yal Kú Lagoon?

Nature lovers unite in this spectacular natural estuary. Not only is the water here a shocking turquoise mixed with navy blue, but at any point, it is no deeper than 10 feet or four meters. This makes the lagoon an ideal spot to visit for families with children of all ages, grandparents, and even avid swimmers who are looking for a slow change of pace. Families, beginner snorkelers, or those seeking calm waters with an easy transition into the water gravitate to this area in search of vibrant sea life and bluer pastures.

Nature lovers unite in the spectacular natural estuary of Yal Kú Lagoon

Not only does the lagoon offer calm waters for new snorkelers and young children, but there is enough diversity underwater to keep advanced snorkelers entertained. In addition to the beauty found under the water, the lagoon is filled with local sculptures, small sandy beaches, and hammocks to make your day extremely tranquil both above and below the shoreline.

When you walk to the lagoon you will see many bronze statues, which come together to create a stunning sculptural garden. Some of the sculptures are hidden amongst the lush greenery and rocky shore, so take your time to walk around the lagoon to ensure you get to witness all their wonderful bronzed glory. This unique combination of natural wonder and manmade beauty further elevates what is already a spectacular sight to behold.

Visit Yal Kú Lagoon with our Cancun Adventures tour guides

Hop aboard our Cancun Cenotes, Yal Kú Lagoon, and Snorkeling tour to take in the ancient Mayan Cenotes and visit the lavish lagoon we have discussed in detail above. From snorkeling Yal Kú through to cliff diving into some of the area’s most beautiful cenotes, surrounded by rock formations that are thousands of years old, this tour offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the safety and comfort of traveling with seasoned tour guides.

Visit Yal Kú Lagoon with our Cancun Adventures tour guides

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