Cozumel Travel Guide: Best Things to Do While Visiting Cozumel, Mexico

Discover the best things to do in Cozumel, the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean

Your guide to Cozumel, Mexico best things to do while visiting

This Cozumel travel guide will help you explore Cozumel, which is the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean. Rich in history, Mayan vestiges and natural wonders, this authentic paradise offers the very best of island life and should be at the top of your where-to-visit list. Discover this picture-perfect destination, in the middle of the sea, with white beaches, beautiful sunsets and its world-famous coral reefs.

Cozumel is a destination of adventure and relaxation where you can simply unwind, surrounded by the ocean breeze, or take part in all kinds of activities while exploring the island’s impressive natural settings.

Fun fact: Cozumel is also known as "Isla de las Golondrinas" (Island of the Swallows), after its Mayan name "Cuzaam Luumil." This name is fitting as this tropical paradise is home to several spectacular birds and animals you won’t readily find elsewhere.

Best Beaches in Cozumel

Beaches in Cozumel

A Cozumel travel guide isn’t complete without a list of Cozumel’s beautiful beaches. In Cozumel, you will find beaches for every type of vacationer. Whether you want to simply stick your toes in the warm, white sand or you are looking to ride the waves, you can easily fill your time in Cozumel with beach hopping to check off all the beaches (I mean, boxes).

Punta Sur Eco Beach Park

One of the more unique beaches you may want to check out is located within Punta Sur Eco Park. Travelling to the Park’s secluded beach, you will find an awe-inspiring range of wild flora and fauna, areas for birdwatching and the opportunity to explore a phenomenally vibrant lagoon.

Chankanaab National Park

If you are looking for another option (or 10), there are countless other top beaches across Cozumel – each offering something different. The Chankanaab boasts a saltwater lagoon, alongside the world’s only inland reef with 60 species of fish and corals.

Playa Mia

If you are looking for something a little more Vegas-esque, check out Playa Mia where you will find top-rated beach clubs and luxury pools.

Beyond these diverse options, you will find a number of other beaches where you can snorkel, have a bite to eat, lounge or explore.

Cozumel is renowned for its beautiful beaches, but it has even more to offer than crystalline shores and azure water. Our professional tour guides are excited to help you explore Cozumel via our favourite Cozumel adventure tours.

Best Snorkelling in Cozumel

Snorkeling in Cozumel

Nowhere in the Caribbean compares to the coral formations offered by the warm, turquoise waters of Cozumel! Considered one of the five best dive sites internationally, it has 40 dive zones with depths ranging from three to 30 meters. This means, we are proud to take both beginner and experienced divers on our life-changing snorkeling tour.

Embark on our Cozumel Snorkelling Tour and, together, we will explore Cozumel Reef National Park – one of the very best places to snorkel the barrier reef in the Caribbean. Accompanied by your professional snorkel guide, you will feel safe, well-informed and assured you will not miss any of the incredible underwater sights you came to see.

If you want to spend a full day exploring the entire island and the sea, one of our expert guides will treat you to our Cozumel Jeep Safari and Private Snorkeling Tour. Visit a number of Cozumel’s best beaches and famous sites, including the Mayan sanctuary of San Gervasio.

Eat, drink & be merry in one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful destinations

Eat, drink & be merry in one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful destinations

When you visit Cozumel, you can also try authentic Mexican dishes in traditional restaurants. There are many delicious spots to grab traditional Mexican cuisine and drinks. We highly recommend trying a variety of the Yucatan’s favourite dishes while you explore the best restaurants in Cozumel. Don’t miss the fish, which is pulled from the sea right outside the restaurants’ doors and served with colourful spices and beautifully complex sauces.

Stroll through the town’s Central Square and along the famous boardwalk, as you take in the beautiful sculptures and various boutiques. with local products such as handicrafts, jewelry, and clothing. Some of the best-recommended items from Cozumel include chocolate, vanilla, keepsakes from the sea and accessories.

Visit Cozumel with Cancun Adventures & discover everything this unique destination has to offer

Woman snorkelling in Cozumel

Cozumel is an island endowed with great natural wealth. Whether in the sea, the jungle, lagoons or somewhere in between, you will always find something fun to do. Our expert tour guides are excited to help you experience each unique wonder for yourselves. Come to Cozumel and fall in love with island life.

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