Get Started Planning Your Spring Break in Cancun

How to Plan Your Spring Break in Cancun in Advance

Spring break may be months away, but it’s never too early to plan your trip to the beach. Dreaming of dancing in the sunshine, swimming in the ocean, and partying all night is sure to get you through those midterms. If you need a quick break from studying, why not get started now planning your spring break in Cancun?

A spring break in Mexico is just what you need to celebrate nearing the end of the school year and help you push through until summer. If you’re considering a Cancun spring break, start planning your activities, tours, lodging, and travel plans now so you don’t have to cram it all in later. Looking for ideas for your spring break in Cancun? We’ve got you covered.

What to Do In Cancun for Spring Break

So, we all know why you’re really headed to Cancun, but no one can party non-stop for a week straight. In between tequila at the swim-up bars and all-night dances, there’s plenty of fun to have exploring the ruins, beaches, and cenotes of Cancun.

Party In the Oasis

dancing on the beach with drinks

Looking for a party? The Cancun Oasis resort is in the center of spring break fervor, along the famed Hotel Zone. The resort hosts wild beach parties, celebrity guests, live music, and is known for fun outdoor pools and bars. Even if you don’t book a room here, you can buy day passes to get in on the party. Plus, any hotel along the Hotel Zone will put you right on the beach where you’re sure to find a great party.

Taste Delicious Street Food

Couple eating tacos together

While you’re in Mexico for spring break, taste some of the best street tacos in the world. While you’re abroad for spring break, you might as well enjoy the culture and cuisine of your beautiful destination. Cancun Adventures’ Taco Tour will take you and your friends through the tastes and flavors of Mexico’s street food. Try your hand at making a traditional corn tortilla, have dessert, and wash it all down with Pulque, Mexico’s oldest alcoholic drink.

Seek Adventure

girl going down a zipline

Are you an adrenaline junkie? In between the parties, explore Cancun’s natural beauty—and feel a rush of danger—with an outdoor adventure zipline and ATV tour. Rappel into a cenote, zip line through the treetops, and navigate jungle terrain behind the wheel of an ATV. Grab your friends, old and new, and seek some adventure on your spring break in Cancun.

Explore a Cenote

relaxing swim in a cenote

Cenotes are a natural and ancient wonder, found only along the Riviera Maya, home to Cancun and Playa del Carmen. These underground caverns are filled with clear, freshwater and were sources of mystery and power to the ancient Mayans. Take a cenote tour to learn about the history and formation of these caverns. After you’ve had your fill sunbathing and dancing at the beach, you’ll love moving to a new scene for swimming, snorkeling, and exploring.

Discover Ancient Ruins

couple in front of the ruins in Chichen Itza

Another feature unique to Cancun is the ancient ruins from the Mayan civilization. As a break from partying, you and your friends will love a day trip to Chichen Itza, home to the iconic ancient pyramids, or Tulum, ruins of a trading port city along the coast. You’ve probably had your fill of history class, but you’ll love exploring, taking pictures, and hanging out in the sunshine.

Relax in a hippie beach club

sitting on rope seats at a beach club

After some days partying and exploring the Riviera Maya, you and your friends might want to just chill and relax before going home. Punta Venado is a secluded beach club with all the hippie-chic vibe, hammocks, Balinese beds, a swing bar and a nice laid back ambiance. Food and cocktails are top-notch and you will feel well-pampered by their attentive staff.

Planning Your Cancun Spring Break in Advance

For many students, spring break is an important part of the college experience. You won’t be young forever—live it up now. Make great memories, and have fun. Just like it doesn’t work to cram for your physics final, saving up time to make your plans for spring break until the last minute isn’t a recipe for success. Plan in advance for the best deals on flights and hotels, and to make sure you get a spot for you and your friends on the tours you want.

Spring break will be here before you know it! In the meantime, check out more ideas for what to do on spring break in Cancun.

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