Food Travel: Explore Mexico Through Its Flavors

The Top Gastronomic Experiences in Cancun

Most people look forward to a good meal or two on their vacation, but if you really want to make food the highlight of your trip, it’s time to up the ante with a high-quality food tour. Take a look at why food travel is such a great way to experience the region you’re visiting, plus learn about culinary tourism trends and the best food tours in Cancun.

Benefits of Gastronomic Experiences While Traveling

Gastronomic experiences certainly aren’t just for self-declared foodies. But, with so much to see and do on your Cancun getaway, you may be wondering why a food tour is worth your precious time. Check out just a few reasons to love food travel below:

Happy man eating tacos

1. Engage the Senses

The best vacations allow you to engage all of your senses, and a food tour will do just that. You’ll get to see, hear, taste, smell, and touch a variety of rich and exotic delights on your food tour. Soak up the ocean view as you hear the waves crashing, take in mouthwatering scents, and taste unique local flavors. You’ll love having a complete sensory experience to remember for a lifetime.

2. Learn About Local Culture

There’s no better way to get in touch with local culture than by learning about the food of the region. Food tells the story of a group of people like no book ever could. You’ll become even more fond of the community and develop a keener understanding of the people by tasting delicious authentic meals made by locals.

3. Get to Know the Community

Some people come and go from a place without ever meeting anyone but fellow tourists. But, you can really enhance your trip by spending quality time with those who live in the area you’re visiting. A cooking class or private-hosted dinner is one of the best ways to get to know the locals, with food serving as the perfect conversation piece.

Culinary Tourism Trends

Food travel just keeps getting better. The latest trends lean toward an even more customized, intimate experience that will give you an unforgettable taste of the place you’re visiting. Check out the latest culinary tourism trends below, as identified by some of the best food travel experts.

Tourists looking at peppers in Mexican market

1. Sustainability

The food world isn’t the only place where sustainability is trending, but it is especially important to this industry. Tourists have a lot of power to drive trends in the local economy, and the most conscientious foodies are now using their money to vote for more sustainable farming and restaurant practices. Seasonal and local foods play a big role in the realm of sustainable food travel today.

2. Go Hyper-Local

Food travel has always been about finding the new gem in town, whether it’s a glamorous fine-dining restaurant or a total hole in the wall. And now, local dining is taking on even greater meaning with the trend toward in-home meals. These meals are made in the chef’s own home, using unique local ingredients and traditional recipes. It’s no wonder this trend is taking off, a home-cooked meal is always comforting—and even more so on vacation.

3. Hands-On Experiences

Gone are the days where diners always want to sit back and have their food brought to them on a silver platter. Instead, food travelers are mixing it up by taking a cooking class or signing up for other unique and interactive food experiences. They might learn how to make pasta by hand, help pick fresh vegetables from the backyard garden, or design a menu with the chef.

Cancun Food Tours

Looking for the best food tours in Cancun? Search no more! Cancun Adventures offers the ideal gastronomic experiences with the following food tours:

The Taco Tour

Friends enjoying tacos on the taco tour

No one leaves Cancun without eating their weight in tacos, but The Taco Tour is the ultimate way to get the job done. Enjoy a hands-on experience as you make salsa and traditional tortillas by hand, and visit several of the area’s most insanely delicious taco hotspots—all with taco filling made from the highest quality meats.

The Traveler’s Table

Drinks all around on the Traveler's Table

Take a walk through history with The Traveler’s Table Tour, as you taste flavors from the Mayan empire to current times. You’ll learn about the many influences on Mexican food and taste it all paired with the perfect wine, tequila, and more. 

Check Out Food Tours Today

Ready to make your trip even better with a food travel experience? If so, book your food tour with Cancun Adventures. We guarantee you’ll love adding any one of our tours to your trip itinerary. Learn more about our food tours today!

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