Taste your way around Cancun – without ever leaving our Traveler’s Table

Cancun has a long and rich history with food, one we are proud to share and showcase for our valued guests during our Traveler’s Table experience.

This once-in-a-lifetime culinary adventure incorporates all the best aspects of dining – delicious food, a stunning natural backdrop and the chance to share stories with fellow foodies from around the world.

Let our Executive Chef and Cancun cuisine connoisseur put our region’s most exquisite food and beverage flavors on your plate and in your cup. As you taste your way through this multi-course meal, you will learn all about the ingredients, including where they come from and how they are best served.

Taste your way around Cancun

Discover the dishes that define Mexico’s love affair with food

If you think you truly understand the extent of Mexican cuisine, we challenge you to join us for an unforgettable night of colors, flavors and quality time. Each dish hints at Spanish, Aztec and Mayan influences, and our culinary team uses a combination of traditional and modern techniques to bring local ingredients to life. Throughout the meal, you will taste more than 9,000 years of food-fluence.

Emphasizing local tradition – with unique flair in every dish

Sometimes, the simpler the better, so you will begin your tasting experience with a delicious cocktail and sampling of various local fruits and vegetables. With every bite of mango, pepper and avocado – all grown within a short distance – you will understand the true meaning of farm to table.

Emphasizing local tradition

Next level chips & dip

Join in on the flavor-packed fun with our salsa making and homemade corn tortilla activity. If you can believe it, historians believe we may have been munching on this crispy flatbread made from finely ground corn, since 10,000 B.C.E! This directly coincides with when corn was domesticated in Mexico and, as we all know, they have been an absolute staple ever since.

Elevate the flavor of your tortilla chips with fresh, vibrant salsa. Another long-time favorite of modern-day Mexico, the Aztecs, Incans and Mayans began getting creative with tomatoes and chilies thousands of years ago. Although we’ve shaken up their recipe since – adding in onions, jalapenos and other incredible local flavors, salsa is still a beautifully simple, history-steeped appetizer.

Now we introduce the true match made in heaven: tacos & margaritas

We can’t be certain exactly when tacos took over Mexico, but we do know it was before the arrival of Spanish conquistadors, as there's actually a “taco feast” identified in writing during that time period. Tacos remain one of the most versatile foods in the world, and that’s why we couldn't just serve you one version.

Begin with beef: follow up your tortilla chips with succulent beef tacos. Marinated with our region’s best-loved spices, such as cumin, garlic and chili powder, these are like nothing you've tasted outside of Mexico. After that, indulge yourself with a zesty margarita unlike any other.

While in Mexico, you will definitely taste the difference that quality tequila and fresh lime juice makes.

Did you know? Tequila was produced for the first time very near to the city that holds its namesake? Fermented from the agave cactus back in the sixteenth century, tequila has taken on many forms and colors, but we are certain the ones we serve at your Traveler’s Table will be some of the best you will ever taste.

After whipping up your first margarita, you'll have the chance to try two other delicious types of tacos – both made with pork, but done in very different ways!

First up, you will try tacos al pastor, or “shepherd style” tacos. They are made with thinly sliced strips of pork that have been marinated in a unique sauce with various spices. The marinated pork is then roasted on vertical spits to ensure the meat retains its juiciness, and locally-inspired garnishes add a fantastic highlight to every bite!

Next up, after a short intermission, you'll try the cochinita taco, which may remind you of pulled pork. However, this dish is a true Yucatan culinary delicacy, one that involves a lengthy marinating and roasting process, as the meat is cooked in a hole in the ground using hot stones. A serious labor of love, this cooking process elevates the suckling pig to unimaginably tender heights.

Tacos & Margaritas

Feeling like something sweet, but with a little kick?

We are proud to introduce our international guests to the delicious, ancient, and beloved beverage, called Pulque. This Mesoamerican drink resembles a glass of milk, but has a slightly thicker consistency, and can be sweetened and flavored with any number of natural ingredients, such as pineapple, guava and pistachio, to name but a few.

Like our near and dear friend, tequila, Pulque also derives from the agave cactus – yet it's made from the fermented sap. What’s even more interesting is that pulque played a vital part in Mexican myths involving deities, proving that it's a true drink of the Gods!

Pulque derives from the agave cactus

Internationally inspired & celebrated: Mexican cuisine will capture your heart & your belly!

One of the most beautiful aspects of Cancun is that it has been molded by so many different cultures, yet we hold true to a variety of traditions that are unmistakably Mexican. We love to share our culture and our history with you via the most delicious way possible – through our food!

Learn more about one of the very best food tours Cancun Adventures has to offer, and taste your way into the heart of Mexico during your next vacation!

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