Christmas in Cancun

Celebrate the Holiday Season in Cancun

Christmas in Cancun

Why shovel your driveway when you can celebrate Christmas in Cancun with the sun shining down on your gourmet meals, upbeat festivities and romantic R&R. Transform the winter blahs into a beachy keen vacation by booking your flight to Mexico and tours with Cancun Adventures, so you can see all the best sides of celebration in Cancun.

Your all-inclusive luxury resort will ensure you are well taken care of during the holidays, so you never have to worry about where to find a decadent holiday meal or whether seasonal closures will affect your stay. You’ll always have access to the amenities and eateries you want to make the most out of your tropical Christmas.

What’s happening in the heart of the city during the holidays?

Holidays in downtown Cancun

There is no shortage of holiday spirit in Cancun. Not only do our citizens love to celebrate, but many are also extremely devout worshippers, and they take the celebration of this magical season very seriously. In Cancun, Christmas is not reserved to one evening. Instead, you will find your new friends toasting, praying and paying homage to this miraculous time of year. 

Celebrate the nine days of Christmas with Las Posadas

Las Posadas in Cancun

Las Posadas last for nine days, from December 16th through the 24th, and commemorate the journey of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Each evening, you will find candlelit processions leading toward house parties that emulate the welcoming into the “inn”. The celebrations culminate on Christmas Eve when these posadas typically end. After taking in the sights at the town nearest to your resort, you’ll be able to enjoy a fantastic meal within one of your award-winning hotel restaurants.

Discover decorations galore as you take in the sites of Cancun

Traditional Christmas decorations in Cancun

Not only will your resort be beautifully decorated with festive trees, lights and tinsel, but if you want to head into the city, you will see countless Nativity Scenes and other wonderful Christmas decorations. Take photos next to the nacimientos, which are set up throughout the month, and visit Mary, Joseph and the babe during your stay in paradise.

On certain days, you will see the Nativity Scenes come to life as people reenact one of the world’s best-known narratives, in honour of the Christmas pilgrimage to the inn.

If you’d rather run than enjoy a scenic walk, the Cancun Marathon is for you

Cancun Christmas Marathon

Each year, Cancun hosts an international marathon during the first or second week of December. Runners get to enjoy an extremely scenic route, as they run along the Bay of Cancun and are cheered on by a wide variety of enthusiastic supporters. When you reach the end of this momentous race, you will be greeted by your fans and a signature Mariachi band – as well as maybe some tequila to help you ease your body back into celebration mode.

Otherwise, sit back, relax and take in the Tulum International Film Festival

Tulum International Film Festival

Our International Film Festival is intended to create a community of cinema lovers who are willing to engage in profound dialogue about important issues. Inspired by what you see on screen, via productions from international imaginaries, we hope you will feel inspired to participate in meaningful conversations about art, culture, politics and more.

Experience more than 60 different screenings and festival activities during the first week of December and see how our streets and screens come alive with the brilliance of globally recognized directors and producers.

Listen up during the Corona Sunsets Music Festival

Corona Sunsets Music Festival in Cancun

Not your typical overcrowded, too-loud music festival, Corona Sunsets is meant to set a fun, relaxing tone for visitors who want to enjoy a cerveza, some delicious beachy food and great music. Taste your way through a variety of local flavor vendors and take part in upbeat activities, as you listen to DJs of all different genres who are there to add a little zest to your holiday season.

See the trees come alive at the lighting of the lights in Cancun and Playa del Carmen

Welcome to centers of Cancun and Playa del Carmen where the cities’ towering trees will be lit up in celebration of the Christmas season. These events make for the perfect photo opportunities as well as great spots to sip on a traditional holiday cocktail and enjoy some eclectic delicacies from local artisans.

An Unforgettable New Year’s Eve in Playa del Carmen

New Year’s Eve in Playa del Carmen

Take your taste buds on a voyage through time and experience flavors and techniques from the Mayan empire to the present day. Cancun Adventures is hosting an exclusive, 5-course dinner on New Year's Eve inspired by Spain, Africa, and Middle Eastern cuisine. Enjoy this exquisite event with the company of travelers from around the world and bring in the New Year with a traditional Mexican toast.

'Tis the season to spend in Cancun

Spend the holiday season in Cancun, Mexico

Christmas is made so much merrier by gorgeous sunshine, azure waters, phenomenal food and fun events for the whole family. Whether you’re travelling for a luxurious getaway with someone special or you want to shake up your family Christmas with a tropical getaway, Cancun is the place to where all your holiday fantasies will be wrapped up in one stunning bow. Reach out to Cancun Adventures and we will help you plan your stay, so your winter will be extra bright! 

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