Best Shopping Destinations in Cancun

Looking for some much-needed retail therapy in Cancun? Read our list of the best shopping destinations in Cancun that will satisfy any eager shopper.

Fashion Harbour sign at La Isla Cancun

Looking for some much-needed retail therapy? Whether you’re a discerning boutique buyer or a determined bargain hunter, Cancun provides a large selection of shopping centers, malls, and markets that will satisfy any eager shopper.

La Isla Shopping Village

La Isla Shopping Village in Cancun

One of Cancun’s premiere shopping destinations, La Isla is a beautiful open-air mall with a wide variety of shops and restaurants. It’s home to the Interactive Aquarium, where you can see majestic marine life up close. The shopping center also features a movie theater, several cafés, and a drugstore, along with a large selection of boutiques and souvenir shops. Cool off by the outdoor fountain, which is also a prime location for photographs. Follow the winding river through the mall which has an outlet to a lagoon with stunning bridges and amazing views of Nichupté lagoon.

Mercado 28

Mercado 28 is the largest and most popular flea market located in Cancun’s downtown core. It houses a range of vendors, most of which sell unique Mexican goods like jewelry, pottery, and traditional cultural clothing. It also contains a food court at its center that serves authentic Mexican cuisine and seafood. The vendors here are known for their high-pressure sales tactics, but if you know how to haggle, it's a great place to score some fantastic deals. 

Plaza Las Americas

Plaza Las Americas is Cancun’s largest shopping center and is situated in the downtown area. It’s a local hotspot, which means you’ll discover plenty of unique brands and boutiques that you simply won’t find back home, alongside familiar favorites. Among its many attractions are a variety of cafés, restaurants, a pet store, a nail salon, and even a supermarket. It’s a popular location for sidewalk sales, and live music is the regular weekend entertainment. 

Puerto Cancun Marina Town Center

As its name suggests, this newly built open-air shopping center overlooks the marina, providing spectacular views as you shop. This center is home to unique activities such as a climbing tower, extreme jumping on trampolines, and mini golf. You can even zipline across the center to travel from one end to another! It’s a great destination for shoppers who are also seeking entertainment and exciting activities.

5th Avenue

5th avenue shopping district in Playa del Carmen

One of the most popular shopping destinations in Cancun, 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen is a 3-mile-long pedestrian promenade that’s home to many high-end retailers, boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, bars, and much more. While walking along 5th avenue, you’ll also find lots of street performers which range from musicians to fire breathers. This is a shopping experience you definitely won’t want to miss during your stay in Cancun.

Luxury Avenue

Luxury Avenue is where designer brands and upscale shoppers meet. Shop all your luxe favorites like Burberry, Coach, Swarovski, and more. Equipped with free valet parking and a trendy cocktail bar to refresh yourself after a lengthy shopping spree, Luxury Avenue is the premiere destination for luxury shopping in Cancun.

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Shopping center in Playa del Carmen

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