Best Museums to Visit in Cancun

During your next trip to Cancun, consider visiting these fun & informative museums to see another side of one of the world’s hottest tourist destinations. Learn more.

Mayan Museum of Cancun

You may visit Cancun for the beaches and nightlife, but that doesn’t mean your vacation can’t include the incredible beauty offered by our region’s unique cultural experiences. A wonderful way to learn more about Cancun’s history, culture, and art is to visit our local museums that do such an amazing job of preserving and promoting our people and our pride. During your next trip to Cancun, consider visiting these fun and informative museums to see another side of one of the world’s hottest tourist destinations.

Mayan Museum of Cancun

If you are interested in learning about the rich history of our region’s Mayan ancestors, the Mayan Museum of Cancun is a must-visit for you and your loved ones. This unique museum combines more of a traditional museum format with actual ruins that are representative of the ingenuity of the Mayan people. Explore exhibits ripe with artifacts from thousands of years ago while walking amongst crumbling temples and community dwellings.

Cancun’s Tequila Sensory Museum

Cheers to visiting one of the world’s largest tequila collections where you can see, sip and learn about an unimaginably diverse array of tequilas – Cancun’s official (and most famous) drink. Sip so far beyond the types of tequilas you may find on the shelves in your hometown and uncover the tips and tricks that transform the agave plant into one of the world’s most alluring beverages.

Underwater Museum of Art

Turn your ideas about a traditional museum upside down by exploring enchanting architectural wonders beneath the blue shores of the Caribbean Sea. Just over 10 years ago, with much love, care, and knowledge, the Museo Subacuático de Arte was established and one of the world’s only underwater museums was born. Visit this underwater world to see more than 500 sculptures of every persuasion, and be truly awed by this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Underwater Museum of Art

Waxworks Museum

Cancun is a place of celebration, music, culture, and entertainment. So, it’s only natural we would have an entire museum dedicated to commemorating the most important figures in history. From the globe’s greatest minds, such as Albert Einstein, through to your favorite celebrities, including Madonna and the characters of Harry Potter, the Waxworks Museum is a fun place to visit, take photos, and learn a few new facts you can use at your next tequila hour.

Experience the Wonder and History of Cancun

During your next Cancun excursion, why not swap out your bikini and beach towel for some of the time you are here to learn about the places and people you are visiting. Whether you are hoping to excite your palate or become more educated about Cancun’s colorful history, we know our local museums will give you an entirely new perspective on why our region is such a sensational place to visit. 

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