Why Adventure Weddings Is Your Go-To Wedding Planner In Cancun

Are you dreaming of a tropical Cancun destination wedding? Let our professional wedding planners at Adventure Weddings help make your dream a reality.

Cancun Adventures is a leader in tours and excursions that bring you the best Cancun has to offer. But did you know that they also have a dedicated team of wedding planners with more than 10 years of experience in destination weddings? 

Adventure Weddings can bring your dream Cancun destination wedding to life! With an expert Cancun wedding planning team, celebrate one of the biggest days of your life in one of the world’s most beautiful locations in Riviera Maya. 

wedding ceremony setup on the beach

What better backdrop to your romance than bright blue oceans, palm trees, and sandy beaches for you and your guests? Plus, you won’t have to go far for an amazing honeymoon. 

Planning a destination wedding in a different country can be logistically tricky—and that’s where Adventure Weddings comes in: as your Cancun wedding planner, we’ll help you navigate the tricky details of a wedding abroad and put together a party to remember. 


Can I Get Married in Cancun, Mexico?

Yes, Americans and other foreigners can get married in Cancun. Two people who aren’t Mexican citizens can marry anywhere in Mexico, in fact. 

There are three ways to get married in Mexico: religious ceremonies, symbolic ceremonies, and legal marriages.

Religious ceremonies are not considered legal marriages in Mexico. If you choose a religious ceremony, you must also complete a civil one to legally complete your union. 

Most foreigner couples opt for a symbolic ceremony where a certified minister performs the ceremony under the same terms of a legal marriage, the only difference is that it has no legal value. 

The process of a legal ceremony requires a series of legal documents that our specialized coordinators will support you to provide the information and make the process simpler. It may include marriage application forms, birth certificates, and foreign marriage permits, however, requirements change from time to time, so your wedding planner will be your best ally to obtain an updated list.


How Much Is a Wedding in Mexico?

Even if booking your wedding at an all-inclusive resort can be a cheaper way to get married in Cancun, you will never get the privacy of having your own beachside venue just for you and your guests.

If not having tourists around you during your special day is important for you, then celebrating your destination wedding at a private beach location is the right choice for your special day.

Punta Venado Beach Club has been recognized as one of the top premium private beachside venues in Riviera Maya, perfect for an experience that only you and your guests will witness and keep in their memories forever.

wedding ceremony setup on the beach

The cost of a wedding in Mexico will depend on a number of factors that can be tricky to estimate, however, if you choose a private beach location like Punta Venado the calculation will become much easier, with only three components: the basic venue fee, the number of guests, and the additional decor details you want to add to make your ceremony a unique and personal experience.

Your Cancun wedding planner at Adventure Weddings will help you navigate the costs of your wedding and plan the celebration of your dreams.


Punta Venado: The Perfect Beachside Venue of Adventure Weddings 

The iconic turquoise waters and white sands of the Riviera Maya are one of the most sought-after spots in the world to get married. As your Cancun destination wedding planner, Adventure Weddings offers the exclusive tropical beach of Punta Venado, facing the gorgeous Caribbean, as the backdrop for your special day. 

tropical beach

Located in the Riviera Maya coastline, 5 Miles from Playa del Carmen and 50 Miles from Cancun, Punta Venado provides a romantic and secluded setting for your destination beach wedding celebration, large or small. 

Nestled in the heart of the ancient Mayan empire, Punta Venado, with its classy boho chic decor, is surrounded by tropical lush vegetation making it the most beautiful backdrop for a day that will linger in your memory forever.

wedding ceremony on the beach


Why Choose Adventure Weddings as Your Wedding Planners?

Adventure Weddings is Mexico’s leading Cancun destination wedding planner. Our Cancun wedding planning team will create the experience you want in the breathtaking venue of Punta Venado, whether that’s a small intimate ceremony, a simple beachside affair, or an elaborate party full of personal details. We’ll design an event that fits your budget and individual style. 

All the weddings celebrated at Punta Venado are symbolic ceremonies, which is ideal for a stress-free experience full of emotional meaning.

bride and groom walking along the beach

Our professional Cancun wedding planning coordinators will work hard so you can relax—secure in the knowledge that the details of your wedding are being taken care of. Adventure Weddings offers an all-inclusive wedding package (accommodation is not included). Plus, we can coordinate and schedule adventure excursions and tours for you and your guests throughout Cancun.

Let our experts take care of your special day. Book your wedding with Adventure Weddings today.

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