With incredible natural beauty and endless entertainment options, Cancun is one of Mexico's most-visited and most exclusive natural spas in the Caribbean, millions of families, couples and singles choose to travel to Cancun for their dream vacations — and it’s no secret why. Learn more in our  Cancun travel guide and discover its many amazing attractions in the sections below and book your Cancun adventure with us today!

Complete Cancun Travel Guide

Cancun Guide Travel Contents

  1. Where is Cancun?
  2. How to Get to Cancun
  3. How to Get Around in Cancun
  4. Cancun Weather - The Best Time to Visit Cancun
  5. Things to do in Cancun
  6. The White Sand Beaches of Cancun
  7. Cuisine and Restaurants
  8. Historic Chichen Itzá and Tulum
  9. Cancun Nightlife and Entertainment
  10. Cancun and the Treasures of the Caribbean
  11. Sailing in Cancun
  12. Traveling to Playa del Carmen

Where is Cancun?

Cancun is located on the northeastern edge of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. The city is situated on the coast of the Caribbean Sea 11 meters above sea level at 21.17 latitude and -86.85 longitude.

How to Get to Cancun

There are a number of options for travelers to get to Cancun. For travelers from the United States, Canada, and Europe, flight is the preferred means of traveling to Cancun. The Cancun International Airport offers flights to and from airports around the world, making air travel to Cancun easy, even from far-away international locations. Cancun is also home to a large natural harbor and is the destination for a number of cruises from around the world. By checking cruise offers near you, you can schedule a cruise to Cancun and visit the region by boat.

How to Get Around in Cancun

Getting around in Cancun is made easy by the area’s many transportation options and convenient concentration of amenities. Those looking to grab a bite to eat at one of Cancun’s many restaurants, go shopping, or enjoy a day at the beach will find that restaurants, shopping centers, and sandy beaches are all within walking distance from many of the area’s most popular hotels. Most hotels also offer shuttle services, as well as rental bikes for getting around. For those who need to travel by car, there are several rental options in the region. Perhaps the best option for those looking for fast and easy transportation is Cancun’s bus system, which offers affordable, around-the-clock rides on routes across the region.

Cancun Weather – The Best Time to Visit Cancun

Located near the equator in a tropical climate, Cancun boasts year-round warm weather — which means that traveling during any season will likely afford several sunny days and pleasant temperatures. However, during the summer, Cancun’s climate can bring spells of increased humidity and the occasional extended rainfall. On the other hand, the summer season in Cancun is also the most affordable for hotels rates and airfares. Spring, winter, and fall — though less risky in terms of weather — may also come with higher price tags.

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Things to do in Cancun

The White Sand Beaches of Cancun

The first and greatest pleasures of Cancun are its amazing beaches. The region is home to 17 kilometers of pristine white sand and brilliant turquoise water. Just offshore, Cancun features a myriad of spectacular marine life — a treasure trove for snorkelers and scuba divers alike.

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Cuisine and Restaurants

People enjoying mexican cuisine with advice from the Cancun Adventures Travel Guide

Exquisite food and drinks are two more reasons to travel to Cancun. The region’s amazing hotel food services have great international and Mexican cuisine restaurants, fast food joints, and fun bars where you can taste excellent authentic Tequila and other regional drinks. Start your evening off with a delicious dinner at one of Cancun’s many local restaurants, and then take to the streets for a magical night. Cancun’s night life is world renowned: big parties, incredible shows and exquisite drinks make a wide spread of endless alternatives.

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Historic Chichen Itzá and Tulum

Historic Chichen Itza Tours by Cancun Adventures

Visiting Cancun also gives travelers the opportunity to learn about ancient history and experience its larger-than-life artifacts firsthand. The magnificent ruins at Chichen Itzá and Tulum are must-sees, each showcasing the remains of an amazing culture from two thousand years ago.

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Cancun Nightlife and Entertainment

Explore Mexican culture with the Travel Guide to Cancun

Few destinations in the world have so many fun things to do like Cancun. Luxury, ecotourism, sports, gastronomy, entertainment and history come together into one single place, As an added benefit, Cancun is also renowned for its high security standards, so travelers can enjoy their vacations free of worry.

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Cancun and the Treasures of the Caribbean

Renowned the world over, Cancun is more than just a beach destination. As the premier gateway to the Mexican Caribbean, it's actually several destinations in one, serving as the ideal base for exploring the coast to the south and north of the resort. The greater Cancun region is also home to a collection of charming islands, all close enough to make for memorable day trips, though each unique enough to merit longer stays.

Sailing in Cancun

Explore Cancun on a luxury sailing tour by Cancun Adventures

One of the best ways to experience the island and beyond is by sea on the beautiful Caribbean waters. Whether sailing on a luxury catamaran or ship, there is so much natural beauty to explore, from the diverse marine ecosphere to the popular wildlife.

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Together, Cancun and these treasures of the Mexican Caribbean offer visitors numerous attractions in a relatively small area, from turquoise waters and shimmering white sands to breathtaking Mayan ruinsexotic wildlife, colonial gems and the hospitality of traditional indigenous communities.

Traveling to Playa del Carmen

Located 45 minutes south of Cancun’s airport is the beach town of Playa del Carmen, the fastest-growing destination for touring in the state of Quintana Roo. Just a few years ago, this former fishing hamlet served merely as a springboard for visitors taking the ferry to Cozumel. But as more and more ferry-bound travelers lingered to enjoy its Caribbean beaches and rustic charms, the town came into its own as a resort destination.

"Playa", as locals call it, is growing by leaps and bounds as an ever-greater number of travelers visit each year from the United States, Canada, and Europe. Its main strip, Quinta Avenida, of Fifth Avenue, is flanked by numerous sidewalk restaurants and stores. Yucatan specialties are available at Yaxche, at Calle 8, just off Quinta Avenida. The Glass Bar (on Quinta Avenida, between 12th and 14th streets) offers Italian dishes and one of the best wine cellars to grace the shores of the Riviera Maya. Nightlife abounds at the rooftop Sky Lounge of In Fashion, a boutique hotel, and at Reina Roja's retina-searing neon red street-level bar, as well as at Deseo, Blue Parrot, and La Bodeguita del Medio.

Playa-based ecotourism offers expeditions to surrounding attractions, including snorkeling in nearby cenotes (natural pools or sink-holes) and visits to Mayan communities.

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